The root of art education is not art itself, but the attainment of people. Art is an indispensable part of life. It plays a very important role in study, life and the future after entering society. It will accompany    child’s growth and even affect his life in the future!


Art class is one of the children's favorite subjects in Veritas,Ms. Goodson who is passionate, beautiful and elegant, as the art teacher, uses the changing colors and vivid images in painting and handwork to make every class full of surprises.She aways encourages children to express their inner feelings and actively analyze and understand art works through a conversational teaching method;Through the heuristic teaching method, let the students explore and learn all kinds of artistic characteristics and styles by themselves; Through the experiential teaching method, students are fully mobilized to participate in the creation. The atmosphere in class is relaxed and active, and students’ are given full play to establish their own art view, improving their art accomplishment, and laying the foundation for lifelong learning and enjoyment of art!



Art Department 艺术中心


The Art Department of Veritas Preparatory Academy seeks to empower student with creative confidence through practicing art techniques, creative problem-solving, relevant vocabulary, and Western art history. Each semester, 7th to 10th grade students create three works of art in class and 25 drawings outside of class. Through art class, students gain important life-skills such as independent thought, confidence in their abilities, and perseverance to overcome failures.





Art 7


In 7th grade, students are introduced to basic drawing skills through a variety of 2-D projects, such as still-life drawing, self-portraits, and abstract painting. Through these projects, they practice using materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, and acrylic paint, and learn about the Elements of Arts.










Art 8


In 8th grade, students are exposed to forms of 3-D art such as papier, pottery, mask making, and recycled sculpture. Students learn how to make cross-curricular connections through themed projects with research components. They also acquire new vocabulary and an understanding of the Principles of Design.









Art 9



In 9th grade, students learn about major moments in Western art history through themed projects, such as recreations of famous works of art, graffiti, and papier maché vases. Students practice visual literacy, or the ability to “read” the meaning of a work of art, by comparing and critiquing famous works of art.










Art 10



In 10th grade, students practice advanced drawing techniques by learning about figure drawing, human anatomy, and self-designed projects. In this class, students are empowered to make their own choices and express themselves through designing and executing independent projects.