爱心慰问暖夕阳 敬老爱老送温情 ——第33个“国际志愿者日”,威力塔斯志愿者走进敬老院


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Although the north wind is cold, and it unable to intercept volunteers’ enthusiasm from Veritas. 


Although the cold winter is coming, and it can not stop the footsteps with love of students from Veritas!



ecember 5th is the 33rd “International Volunteer Day”. The Veritas Core Crew volunteers walked into the Yi Shoufu Nursing Home to send love to the old with the volunteers from lions club! The children used their charity money raised from previous sports events to bring their grandparents warm clothes and art shows. Before going there that our students had done a lot of preparatory work with their foreign teacher ,with the best wishes to bring warmth and love to the old people in the nursing home. The children were very happy to see the bright smiles of the old people present!

12月5日正值第33个“国际志愿者日”,威力塔斯Core Crew志愿者社团联同狮子会的志愿者们一起走进我们熟悉的益寿福敬老院送去爱心送去温暖!孩子们利用之前体育比赛筹集的慈善资金给爷爷奶奶们送来了急需的保暖服装,还为他们献上了精心准备的文艺节目。来之前外教带着同学们做了很多准备工作,希望真正给敬老院老人们带来温暖和真情,看到在场的老人们灿烂的笑容孩子们特别开心!








After the activity, with the help of the nursing workers, our students helped the old people to walk to the courtyard under the sun, communicating with them and talking about their physical condition and living conditions. The students and the old people sat together, chatting with them, telling stories, shaking hands with the old people, heart-to-heart communication with happy smiles. Wish the old people happiness, health and longevity.


The arrival of our students has brought laughter for the quiet home for the Nursing Home, filled with warm and peaceful atmosphere. Before leaving, the old people took our students' hands and said: “thank you for bringing us so much joy,welcome to come again”. This volunteer activity not only has sent warmth to the elderly people in the nursing home, but also has made them feel the care of the society. The present students deeply realized the significance of respecting and caring for the elderly. Students said in the future life will start at their side, caring for their parents, filial piety to their parents, and they would continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation respect for the elderly.




Love warms the cold winter and melts the frost;Warmth melts ice and frost

爱心温暖寒冬 温情融化冰霜!


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News Express


Our foreign principal Mr.kelsor delivered a speech on the assembly on Monday and the list of excellent dormitories of last week was announced and the golden flag was issued.Afterwards,principal Mr.kelsor focused on sharing and explaining efficient learning methods, and encouraged everyone to master methods and persist in doing things




The students in grade11 went to the the national grand theater to watch the classic opera“Hamlet”under the guidance of their homeroom teacher and foreign teacher on Tuesday afternoon, through the scene watching the actors deducing lines, acting, the role of expressing their feelings,and the students felt inner shock, more important is that they would deduce the work with a very good reference!


On Thursday afternoon, the students of the Model United Nations Club started off on a high-speed train to Shanghai and attended the upcoming Model United Nations congress in Shanghai under the leadership of Chinese and foreign teachers. Although it is the first time for Veritas to participate in a large-scale MUN event, the children have made full preparations and hope that they can hone themselves and gain valuable experience in the activity. 





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