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In this week, Veritas held the middle semester parents' meetings in spring. The main idea of Veritas family is home-school communication and mutual growth, which is also the strong guarantee for the continuous development and progress of the school. No matter from the timely feedback of each child's family group every day, or showing the education management and children's learning situation through the parent-teacher meeting, the home-school interactions are always positive and active.


The middle semester parents' meeting is following the group meeting model which is held by individual grade. All the Students Advisors carefully prepared and hosted the meetings, while the curriculum, subjects, contests, activity and standardized exams were well explained in detail by the corresponding subject teachers. Learning and study planning are not only the children's business, the support and guidance from parents are particularly important. The students advisors also shared the students' learning status, various school activities and progress since the beginning of the school year. Analyzing the existing problems & the places that need to be improved are also the part of the meeting, and teachers discussed the solutions of the problems with the parents, the parents' meeting thus could become the base point for the cohesion of education.


After the meeting, the parents had deep communication with all the teachers, and each teacher gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the parents. The accepted suggestions put forward by the parents carefully. We saw the parents' ardent expectations on their children, and the parents also saw the school's efforts with full confidence in cultivating the children. Although the parents' meeting ended late every day, the communication atmosphere of “family &school are of the same mind, and teachers & students go together” made all of us feel more and more excited. We believe that with the joint efforts of home and school, we will achieve our common goals!



On the afternoon of April 15th, the second term of Veritas school speech contest, which was planned and organized by the English department with the guidance of the school academic office, came to a perfect end. This English speech contest is an important part of Veritas to build a scholarly campus with core competitiveness through the implementation of the “literature program”, and it comprehensively improves students' comprehensive ability and leadership. Considering the high academic stress under exam strong density in the spring semester, the Veritas English department took the successful speech and debate activities held in the last semester into account, and this term of speech activity was conducted in the form of the speech on given topics: the topic of the junior high school group is “My role model”, while the topic of the senior high school group is “Post-epidemic Era”. The 22 students from different grades who were selected through the prior speech videos that recorded by all students from the entire school. In the final stage, the order is determined by the students' first names alphabetically. Without breaking students by age, the judges decide the ranking of candidates, and the students also have right to vote in case there is a tie ranking from judges' score.