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After passing through the shadow of the epidemic together, we ushered in another graduation season in June 2021. With joy, pride, excitement, and sadness, all the teachers have witnessed the growth of a group of children once again. On the sunny day of June 18th, Beijing Veritas Prep School held the 7th Drama Festival, which is also the closing ceremony for the 11th grade students of the class 2022.


The “graduation” ceremony of Veritas is unique. It is an elegant song but a low-profile farewell. The 11th grade students are about to go to Veritas in the United States, which is on the other side of the ocean, to complete their senior year of high school studying. That's why we call this grand ceremony at this moment “Closing” instead of "Graduation". At the same time a year later, they will be holding diploma rolls and wearing graduation gowns for truly graduating from high school in the alien land.


Drama festival plus closing ceremony is the tradition of Veritas. On this day, students who have finished the course will dress up on stage and present their most outstanding drama performance to all students and parents in the form of Shakespeare’s classic English drama. The study and life on the Beijing Veritas are thus drawn a perfect stop. This year, 11thgraders present "Twelfth Night", one of Shakespeare's four major comedies, and we sincerely wish that each of them will achieve all their goals on the road to chasing their dreams in the future, just like the other translation, " What You Will."


The drama festival has been held by Veritas for six years, and it is also the unique graduation experience that every student of Veritas is most proud of. After the opening speeches by the two drama teachers, Mr. Frank and Ms. Xinzic, the curtain of the festival is initially opened. With a careful preparation for the entire semester, students of all grades began to take to the stage and shine. The students in the 6th and 8th grades with the drama club presented us another Shakespeare classic comedy "The Merchant of Venice". The magnanimous image of Antonio, the merchant of Venice, is in sharp contrast with that of another usurer, Sherlock. Our elegant and witty little actors and actresses express the plot vividly, which leads every audience a great impression.

而由七年级同学们带来的,则是体验完全不同的英文版现代剧HiMom(《你好,李焕英》英文版),尽管是蹭了年初贺岁大片的热度,但经由威力塔斯的戏剧老师翻译并改编的Hi Mom,加上小演员们精湛的演技,丝毫不输专业原版舞台效果。虽然经典“豆腐脑”桥段、绕口令桥段让大家笑得前仰后合,但结局赞颂母爱伟大的情感戏,也让现场的每位观众深入共情。特别是即将离家的十一年级孩子们,在他乡的日子里能铭记亲恩。

The 7th grade students brought a completely different English version of the modern drama Hi Mom (English version of "你好,李焕英"). Although it was popular for New Year’s blockbuster at the beginning of the year, after the edited and translated through the drama teacher of Veritas with the superb acting skills of the young performers, the show even does not lose the professional than the original stage effects at all. Although the classic scenario "tofu jelly" and tongue twisters made everyone laugh loudly, the great emotional drama of maternal love at the end also made every audience deeply empathetic on the scene. Especially for the 12th graders who are about to leave home, they can deeply remember their parents in the days away from home.

音乐与青春如影随形,威力塔斯乐队的同学,在场间为观众们带来了燃爆全场的7 Nations Army和love story两只摇滚经典, 再次将戏剧节表演的热浪推向高潮,完美的推出了接下来的结业式环节。结业不代表结束,青春从未散场。

Music and youth go hand in hand, the members of the Veritas band brought the audience two rock classics - 7 Nations Army and Love Story, which ignited the audience while once again pushing the heat wave of the theater festival performance to a climax. It perfectly launches the next stage of the ceremony. The graduation does not mean the end, and youth never ends.


On this day, some of the 2021 Veritas graduates also returned to the alma mater and came to the ceremony. Those who have just finished the 12th grade have used their fruitful university application results to create new records for Beijing Veritas in the past year: Johns Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley, New York University Tisch School, University of Toronto, Brandeis University, University of Rochester..., every graduate has received the admission results of a world’s top university. With the honor of this moment, our school is proud of them too!

在过去的一年里,每逢周一,威力塔斯的外方副校长Mr. Derflinger都会在集会上为孩子们分享一段“金玉良言”(Pearls of Wisdom),而今天,在临别之前,Mr. Derflinger再次送给每个孩子一段Pearls of Wisdom:

In the past year, Mr. Derflinger, the vice-principal of Veritas, shared a "Pearls of Wisdom" (Pearls of Wisdom) with the students at the school assembly as a tradition in every Monday morning, and today, Mr. Derflinger will share with the them the last paragraph of "Pearls of Wisdom" before they leave:


Go out! Learn about people. Learn about a different culture. Learn to appreciate different views, The lessons you will learn are life lessons, the memories everlasting. Dream big. Work hard. Think for yourself. Love everything you love, everyone you love, with all your might. Follow your passion, stay true to yourself. Don’t look back twenty years from now and say “what if”.

“时光会流逝,记忆会流失,所以我喜欢用镜头记录生活,这些定格时光的时刻,会帮我们永久记录当下的时光。当我回过头重新看这三年的时光,一张张照片定格了那些珍贵的岁月。” 在班主任马辉老师为十一年级同学们精心制作的成长历程回顾视频过后,默默的,陪伴了他们三年的另一位班主任吕胜军老师的脸上,泪竟两行。用我青春容颜,换你一生成功,陪伴是最长情的告白,如此这般的感慨,似乎只有每一位班主任能够体会,光阴的故事或许会褪色,但师恩的光辉必将隽永。

"Time will pass, and memory will be lost, so I like to use the lens to record life. These frozen moments will help us to permanently keep the present. When I look back at the three years of time, every photo freeze those precious years." After a meticulous review video of the growth of the current junior students made by students advisor(SA) HUI MA, silently, there were two tears on the face of another SA, Ms.Lv Shengjun, who had accompanied them for three years. “Use my youthful appearance to bless the life's success of yours.” Accompanying is the most affectionate confession. It seems that only every SA can understand this kind of emotion. The story of time may fade, but the glory of being a teacher is everlasting.


Of course, the mood of 11th graders’ parents is extremely complicated at the moment, and every parent who was invited to the stage also passed their feelings on to the audience. However, we know that even a thousand words do not express all feelings behind bringing a kid up. When every junior step down and invite their parents to come on stage, we also see that those papas and moms’ silver hair flashes inadvertently under the spotlight. Thanks to every great parent, the teachers are the passers-by on the path of children's growth, and in the end, it is the parents who eventually made their children's success.


At the end of the closing ceremony, in addition to thanks, blessings and entrustment, principal Mr.Feng Long also invited all the cast and crew behind the stage and every student volunteer to come to the stage, in order to express the school's most sincere gratitude for their hard work. From the front-desk to the backstage, the atmosphere of gratitude is very strong, which is also the part of culture of Veritas. At the sign-in place, Jiang Yuanhao, the 11th grade student and the former president of the student government who had studied calligraphy and inscription seal cutting since childhood, carried out his own calligraphy and seal engraving collection "寻书问印Xunshu Wenyin" for signing and selling. And all of the income from the charity sale will be donated to the new Veritas student government as the start-up fund for students’ activities. We hope that every student of Veritas will be able to care for others, be willing to give, and know how to be grateful. We also hope that every graduate of Veritas can live up to your dreams, live up to your youth, brave the wind and waves, and set sail for your tomorrow!


Veritas, educate youths today, cultivate leaders tomorrow!


Special Thanks to Parents Volunte

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